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The Rules

Basic Play

Zap the Map is a game to get you outside and moving around. Grab your smart-phone, log in if you need to, and on the "play" screen you'll see a big "ZAP" button. When you get close to a "box" (within 30 metres/100 feet) the button turns green and you can "Zap" to "check in" at that box.

Take your phone on a run, cycle, walk or scoot and collect points as you visit the virtual "boxes".

At some point I'll add in some competition, but in this early version of the game you just accumulate points as you go on journeys.

If you've ever played "Beat the Street", it's just like that but without real boxes.

Sorry - no little 'uns

You must be over the age of 13 to play. If you are 13 or under please ask an adult to register for you.

Stay Safe

I can't be held responsible for any injury or loss - to you, to people with or around you, and to your phone! - that occurs as a result of playing Zap the Map and you agree to not hold me responsible. You play entirely at your own risk.

But please stay safe! Don't cycle or cross a road while looking at your phone. Wear appropriate clothing. Don't wander into a road trying to get the button to turn green. Keep alert.

And if you're a driver, look out for pedestrians and cyclists at all times. You're driving a powerful, hard, metal box at speed, and people are quite squishy. So keep alert, especially on residential streets on dark nights.

Be sensible

The game uses GPS to work out where you are. GPS isn't 100% accurate, so if the Zap button doesn't activate, wait a few seconds for your phone to work out where you are. DO NOT wander off into a road or someone's garden to try to get the button to turn green. All the boxes are easily accessible.

If you really can't get the Zap button to work, safely move around a bit, and if it really won't turn on then go and find another box (and let us know you had a problem).

Don't cheat...

The whole aim of this game is to get you outside and moving around. You can cheat by driving, or - if you're clever - by faking your location. But really, what's the point? The points are really quite meaningless. The joy of the game is getting exercise and enjoying being outside.

...and I won't either

I take data protection seriously. I only collect the data I need to make the game work. I do not track your every move, only the check-ins that you make when you Zap boxes. Your data is stored inside the EU.

I may display anonymous or aggregated statistics, like top score of the day, or total points for the week, but I will never identify anyone publicly on the website/app/game.

Get out, get moving, have fun!

Beat the Street was a huge success in my home town of Swindon. It got people moving, it got people talking, it was fun and great for the town. I made this because I was sad that the real boxes would go and the game would end.

Perhaps some people will choose to keep playing using this app/game.

You can contact us on Twitter at @zapthemap or using email at I am Ross and I hope you enjoy this little game I made.